Harley Davidson Rocking Horse

Welcome to Rocking Horse Reviews. This is a brief overview of the KidKraft Harley Davidson Roaring Softail Rocker

A brief overview of the rocking horse:

If your little one is “born to be wild” then you will definitly want to take a look at this Harley Davidson Softail Rocking Horse. Beautifully detailed it looks just like the real thing. If you are Harley Davidson fan yourself then you will love the addition of this rocking horse to your home. But it is not just great for parents and grandparents, check out the reviews, you cannot get kids off of this rocker, they love it.

Some nice features of this rocking horse include the embedded sound chip which creates real life harley sounds that are sure to delight your child. Also KidKraft have not spared any expense on making this as realistic as possible with a black leatherette seat, side mirror, reflector lights and a flame design.

Very well constructed with a solid design. The rocker has a special anti tip base which is great from a safety perspective. The only flaw in the design is the side mirrors which are positioned too close to the handle bars and so are often gripped by the rider, this can cause damage to them over time. Other than that though is a really well designed rocking horse which has to be the coolest rocker on the market!

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Have a look at this review snippet from Amazon:


I purchased this toy for my future grandchild. My granddaughter was born on Feb 11. I get to display the bike until she can enjoy it.I have owned Harleys for over 30 years and I think its great.”

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“great toy and best price I have seen and i shopped around for a while! ”

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“This was the perfect gift for my grandson’s 1st birthday. It is very well made and should last for many years. We are very pleased with it.”

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And that concludes this Rocking Horse Review. If you are still  can’t decide whether or not this rocking horse is for you, be sure to check out the reviews and product specifications, or compare with other rocking horses, on Amazon

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